The music video for "Swing Low, Sweet Old Cadillac" was probably my favorite project I ever worked on while at CKE. The music video was part of a larger content program I created called "Hometown Hardee's", which connected the dots between small-town life, country music, and the Hardee's brand. 
 Up and coming country artist, Eric Burgett, was a great fit for this project as he had a lot of love for the brand. His first date with his wife was even at a Hardee's! He wrote a line in the song about being in the parking lot of Hardee's, which made the song a perfect fit as well.
 I personally wrote the treatment, directed, produced, location scouted and edited the video. The project cost just around $12k, and received almost 2 million views across all Hardee's social media platforms- A sweet success for Hardee's and Eric!
As a part of the Truffle Burger launch, I shot and directed a series of photos based on the idea that getting truffle fries and a truffle burger will make you feel rich. We shot these scenes in a larger-than-life mansion in Nashville, complete with a pet peacock. 
To support Carl's Jr.'s launch of their plant-based burger, the in-house content team at CKE created PLANTS, an original mock-ucumentary about a burger-loving, awkward, Millenial #plantdad. 
 I produced, directed, edited, and co-wrote the project. Here's the first episode:
During my time at CKE, I took countless photos of menu items to be used in everything from social media, menu tests, email marketing, Yelp listing, PR campaigns, and everything in between. I photographed and edited all of the images, and styled the food in some shoots as well.
Here are some of my favorite images and moments in the press:
Every other year, Carl's Jr. and Hardee's Franchisees from all over the globe gather together for the CKE Global Superstar Summit. I assembled a team for video and photo coverage of the event, photographed the event, and directed the sizzle videos. Here is one of those videos:
After hitting a major milestone of making her one-millionth biscuit, I set out with the social media team to interview Norma the biscuit-maker in Middlesboro, KY. This video was created as a part of the "Hometown Hardee's" content series.
As part of the "Hometown Hardee's" content series, I traveled to Wisconsin to shoot a mini-documentary about a very unique Hardee's location and their long-running car show.
To support the "100 Days of Summer" promotion at Carl's Jr., I created the following video for press releases and the promotional microsite.
For the end of the year holiday greeting to our franchise community, I dusted off my motion graphics skills and created the following video Christmas card:
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